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Designs by Cece Symone celebrates inclusion of all fashion forward women who exude confidence and empower them to be who they want to be.

Our Vision

Every woman should feel confident, sexy, empowered, and know wholeheartedly there is perfection in imperfection. 


No wardrobe is complete without a little bling. Whatever the occasion, our jewelry collection has got everything you need to finish your look in style.

Why should you shop with us?

Reason one

We are more than just a brand. Designs by Cece Symone aim to inspire confidence in our clients when it comes to how they dress and present themselves to the world. We are creating a movement that focus on body positivity, equality and all round self love experience regardless of body type, race or gender.

Reason two

Our exclusive styles are made with you in mind. We curate and design sophisticated, chic and modern styles we know you'll love. We invest in superior construction and high-end finishes to make your Designs by Cece Symone purchase a true representation of affordable luxury.