4 Tips to Keep Your Lips Hydrated in Cold Weather

Winter brings a lot of things we love, like cozy sweaters, chic outwear, and holiday everything, but it also comes with some major downsides. During the winter months the inevitably happens dry skin and chapped lips. Your initial reaction might be to lick them, but there’s actually nothing worse that you can do.

Here are 4 tips to keep your lips healthy and hydrated throughout the winter months:

1. Stop licking your lips

It may feel instinctual to lick and bite your lips when they’re dry and flaking, but that’s only going to make things worse. When you lick your lips, it coats them in a layer of your saliva, which contains enzymes and chemicals used to digest food in your mouth. This can lead to additional dryness that will work against you.

2. Exfoliate once a week, only

If you have flaky skin that just won’t budge, it’s OK to exfoliate, but try to keep it to a minimum. Gently exfoliating once a week with a sugar-based scrub to help remove dry skin. The best way to tell if you need to exfoliate is to watch your lips. If they’re still flaky after applying a moisturizer, it’s time to exfoliate. After a satisfying sugar scrub, follow-up with a moisturizing lip treatment to help calm and restore hydration.

3. Use a humidifier at night

Wind or low humidity is going to work hard against keeping your lips hydrated. To help combat the harsh outdoor weather, try sleeping with a humidifier. A cool mist humidifier while you sleep will help restore the moisture in the air. Avoid using a hot steam one which can burn your skin if you get too close.

4. Avoid products that contain camphor, menthol, or exfoliators like salicylic acid

Products that contain camphor, menthol, or exfoliators like salicylic acid are going to irritate your lips and make the dryness and flakes worse.


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The information included in this article should not be used in lieu of professional treatment. All beauty and wellness products should be used strictly in accordance with their instructions, precautions, and guidelines.