How to Grow Strong Nails Naturally

Strong, polished nails are a timeless way to look put together! Growing long, strong nails is totally possible, but if you weren’t blessed with the genes that grow beautiful nails effortlessly, it can be a process. Want to learn how to grow strong nails naturally? If you’re ready to wave hello to long, pretty nails, keep reading for a few of our favorite tips!

Flex your file game: Just like your hair, your nails need a trim from time to time to stay looking their best! When you do reach for your nail file, make sure you’re trimming them correctly! Instead of sawing back and forth with abandon, take your time and file each nail the same direction with care. This tutorial by Cosmopolitan has helpful GIFs to demonstrate the ideal filing motion for preventing nail breakage.

Curb the biting: If you’re a nail biter, (no shame! about 20% of adults bite their nails) you already know how hard it is to grow your nails long. You’ll need to stop chomping on your talons if you want to grow them out! If the source of your habit is idle hands, try keeping a stress ball or something to fidget with in your bag to keep your hands busy.

Pass the snacks – Healthy snacks, that is. What you eat plays a huge role in your overall wellness, so of course, it affects your nail health too! Foods that are high in protein, zinc, iron, and biotin have been shown to increase the speed nails grow at and how strong they are. If you find yourself wanting to munch on something salty or sweet, try making your own trail mix filled with protein and biotin-rich walnuts and peanuts, iron-boosting dried dates, dark chocolate, and pumpkin seeds for added zinc. The best part of trail mix is how versatile it is. If you get tired of one blend, mix it up for a fresh take. Yum!

Drink your water – By now, you already know water is basically the answer to everything. If your nails and cuticles are brittle or cracked, you may be dehydrated! If plain water doesn’t excite you, try infusing it with fruit and herbs for added flavor and nutrients! Cute fun tip: Staying hydrated is easier when you have a  cute, reusable water bottle to tote around!

Hydrate on the outside – Keeping your cuticles moisturized is essential for nail health! If you’re prone to dry, chapped cuticles and hangnails, treat yourself to a luxurious cuticle oil. You can stash a cute little rollerball in your bag or at your desk for easy application.

Pamper sesh – Treat your fingers to a manicure! Regular manicures can help your nails maintain a polished shape and overall appearance, so keeping your claws maintained is totally worth including in your self-care routine. If flashy colors aren’t your thing, opt for a clear gel manicure! Gel polish acts as kind of a splint for your nails, so they have less of a chance of breaking off while you’re growing them out!

Do you have any finger tips we missed?