Pamper The Skin You Are In With Sasha Baby Butters!!!

Hi Guys, 

I'm so excited to introduce founder and CEO of Sasha Baby Butters, Dr. Lori M Paylor as our guest blogger this week. I have used Sasha Baby Butters for a year now and OMG her body butters truly pampers your skin. It goes on nicely and its not greasy, like so many other brands. Her signature scent "Sasha Baby" Baby Powder is my absolutely fav!

Without further ado ladies, Dr. Lori M Paylor....

Hello Queens,

First let me introduce myself.  I am Dr. Lori M Paylor, founder and CEO of Sasha Baby Butters, LLC. I started this business in 2015 after formulating an organic whipped body butter for myself and infant daughter Sasha. I was a nursing mother at the time and wanted to only use chemical free and natural products on our dry and sensitive skin.  Only by the grace of God and his many blessings was Sasha Baby Butters born, and I'm excited to see where He will continue to take it.  
Our organic whipped butters are made with 100% organic shea butter, natural oils, essential oils and fragrant oil. Available in 16 scents, we have something for everyone and all skin types.  Our ingredients are of high quality and guaranteed to meet your needs.  We also make body oils, bath salts and soaks and offer a complete beard care line for healthy beard care.
Many people have asked "are your body butters and oils just for dry skin?"  
Our answer
..... absolutely not. Of course relief of dry skin is one of its major uses but our products are very versatile.  Our butters and oils can be used in nail care to help prevent cry and cracked cuticles.  Just place a few drops on the cuticles and massage until well absorbed. Want to reduce wrinkles? Use our unscented butter as a part of your nighttime facial regime.  For natural hair and twist out styles our butters provide all the essential oils and moisture you need for a healthy protected style.  
Here at Sasha Baby Butters we are more than just body butters.  We are a family that takes pride in creating healthy products that are not only good for you but make you feel good as well. 
With butter Love,
Dr. Lori Paylor